Evangelical church in Capljina has been started through the 50 years of prayer of the two elderly ladies, Mara Prce (taller on the left) and Stana Beno (lower on the right).

Their prayers have definitely been answered when the church was officialy open in 2004 with the leadership from pastor Bernard Mikulić. Today, church isn’t only gathering believers from Capljina, but also believers from surrounding cities: Trebinje, Grude & Ploče, where some of believers are traveling up to two hours to be in community with others. Although today it’s the church with a small number of believers, which are located in different places, it’s still the church with a great vision and mission. Evangelical church is open for all people no matter of skin colour, social status or nationality. We are the church with the reformation roots, but the only reform that we wish is to: ”Get back to the origin!” and not to an origins of the reformation inheritance , but to the source of Christianity, and that’s the Word of God. The Bible. We believe that tradition isn’t a bad thing, but it’s even good in some ways. Church’s tradition will perish, but the Word of God will never perish, as it’s written in the Bible. Important truth that we find in the Word of God is that despite of our beliefs or thoughts about how good we are, we’re still distant from God. We are distant because He is Holy, and we are sinners. Everyone who believes that Jesus died for our sins, who repents and call Him in their own life is being reborn from the Holy Spirit. That’s why is so important for the believers of Evangelical church that people experience rebirth, or better said, to establish our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Good news is that He isn’t distant, but is here and He knocks on the doors of our hearts . If anyone hears and opens, He will enter and have a community with them. Because of that the mission of our church is to help people to find an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Not only to meet him, but to get to know him intimately in their own hearts. If that’s your wish, you’re welcome.