Bernard Mikulić - pastor

Bernard Mikulic was born in Mostar in 1967 where he lived until the beginning of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was involved in war and defense of Mostar, where he got in touch with narcotics. Drug abuse and addiction took control over his life, so one evening he came to a place where he plead and wept before God. That night he experienced a miracle that has changed his life. And in that one night he left both drugs and cigarettes. After that night, his life wasn’t the same anymore. He gave his life to his Saviour, Jesus Christ.
In year 1996 he begins to study God’s Word in Evangelical Church’s Bible school in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he graduates after 4 years of study. Same year, he begins with full time work in “Agape” - charity-social based work. In year 1999 he moves from Mostar to Capljina, and begins with founding an Evangelical church of Capljina. He in fact continues the work of Mara Prce, Stana Beno, Ante Dzevenica, Vego family and others. Same year, he was ordained for the full time pastoral ministry. After this, he attends the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Osijek, Croatia, where he graduates in 2011.
He’s currently working on his Master degree on the same faculty in area of the church leadership.
Apart from Capljina, he does the pastoral ministry in Ploce, and Korcula, under the jurisdiction of the Evangelical Pentecostal Church in Croatia.
His wife Nada, was born in Osijek. She came to Mostar during the war time, to help charity and social work. That’s where they met and made a life time commitment one to another, as well as to God, that they’re going to serve Him all days of their lives. They’re parents of three children, Adrijan Eli, Loren Kaleb and Petra Mikulic.
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Predrag Zelenović - Administrator and Elder

Predrag Zelenović was born and raised in Čapljina, where he lived for the great majority of time. After a turbulent life that he lived as a hotel singer, through the hell of war and alcohol, Predrag has found his peace in Evangelical Church of Čapljina.
After he found Jesus, he decided to dedicate his whole life to His service, so today apart from being an elder in E.C.Čapljina, he is also an adminstrator, media programmer, and full time member of the worship team
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Michael (Mick) Andrew Holstead - Team leader of "Novi Most" u Čapljni, Elder

After a long service in English military as an expert for the in house explosives and CT, after many battlefields and difficult life that almost cost him his marriage, this English man has found God.
Soon after that, he begins to follow the path that will change his life. With his wife Alison (Ali) and two daughters Chloe and Samantha he comes to BiH, and starts to work for the organisation called Novi Most in Mostar. After Mostar, he comes to Čapljna, where he finds the place to live, and also his second home in Evangelical Church of Čapljina. Apart from being elder, Mick is the team leader of "Novi Most" in Čapljinai.
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